Comfort, Accessibility, Fun…
and… Miles of Smiles

Photo of JP Blake

JP Blake, Co-Founder & CEO, E-Lux Electric Bikes

It’s fun being outdoors…the fresh air, the sunshine. But sometimes we’re limited. By distance, terrain, weather, and even health issues like bad knees. What if you didn’t have to worry about any of those things? What if all you had to do was get on and have fun! Now you can! With an E-Lux Electric Bike you’re in control. It’s up to you… when to power up, take that hill, push into the wind, or go the distance.

E-Lux Electric Bikes was formed to provide people the opportunity to  experience the performance, ease, and thrill of riding electric bikes.  Located in Orange County, CA, E-Lux is a manufacturer of custom designed electric bikes. We offer an exclusive line of electric bikes unlike any other. Our bikes are custom designed and built with the highest quality parts to ensure they exceed industry standards. With hybrids, beach cruisers, fat tires, stepthrus and folding bikes, E-Lux makes electric bicycles that meet all customer’s needs. 

Whether you want to ride for the day or a lifetime, we can  accommodate you. Come explore what luxury cruising is all about and let the adventures begin!

Want to learn more about the E-Lux brand and the people that make it tick? Please read the great write-up below by our friends over at I Heart Costa Mesa! They visited E-Lux at our former location in Costa Mesa to take pictures, talk to the team, and learn about the most comfortable e-bikes in the world!